Tinig ng Plaridel

Mass Comm: To stand up or to move

This election season, we, students of our beloved College are again asked to choose between two modes of action, namely, standing up and moving.

Our decision on this matter will determine the way we will act on the college and university issues that confront us.

Members of the group who want us to STAND UP promise to continue fighting for our democratic rights, especially our right to free education. On the other hand, those who ask us to MOVE talk of a more popular college and student activities that will create great impact in the university.

One group is guided by a firm principle, a united stand and concrete course of action and the other is driven by an open, free-flow of ideas that aims to get the voice of the majority.

Today, we are obliged to pick our choice. And in the college council and university elections alike, we are given the opportunity to choose the best mode of action.

Let us take advantage of this privilege. Let us award the college and university councils to those who we think have the capability to represent and fight for us and to those whose principles truly reflect ours.

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