Academic papers

On the future of online journalism

(This is my final paper for the Course CFJ 305: Online Journalism at the Konrad Adenauer Center for Journalism at the Ateneo University)

My affair with online journalism started even before I completed my journalism degree. Just a few months after I was introduced to the Internet and got my first e-mail address, I was already uploading to the Web articles from our student paper. It was then that I learned that in terms of logistics, doing online journalism is easier than the traditional method. We did not need a lot of money to publish hundreds of extra copies of the paper for distribution to our schoolmates. All we had to do was to print exact number of copies and publish our URL on the print version and invite people to visit our website.

Our paper’s online version even reached the alumni, who gladly welcomed our experiment with the Internet. Some of them asked if the website replaced the student paper. Others sent their regards to their favorite professors. Many reminisced about their college years. Those sentimental comments from them made me realize another feature of online journalism: its interactivity. Their feedbacks instantly became part of the content of our website.